The Pirates Are Coming

Tom has a VERY important job; every day he climbs to the top of the hill and watches for pirate ships. But when he rings his bell and shouts “PIRATES!” a few too many times – and there is NO pirate ship – the villagers begin to get tired of hiding. So what will happen when the pirates really do show up?

Thanks to the illustrating genius of Matt Hunt, and the publishing prowess of the scurvy crew at Nosy Crow, The pirates Are Coming has been a rollicking success, with translations in 10+ languages and several award nominations. So, put on an eye patch, polish your hook and Grab your copy here. You’ll also be supporting independent bookshops in the process. Yaaaaar!!!!

Reviews for the ‘The Pirates Are Coming’

“John Condon and Matt Hunt cleverly and hilariously entwine predictability with jaw-dropping surprises to create a wonderful picture book that children will ask for again and again and again!”
Nosy Crow

“Witty, wise and wonderfully silly, The Pirates are Coming is a delight.”

“A fabulous story with a great comic twist at the end!”
Pick of the Month February 2020 – Love Reading 4 Kids

“On every spread there’s something giggle worthy – rather, make that several things. If you enjoy putting on a performance with your story sharing, you’ll absolutely relish reading this one with a group of youngsters and they’ll love it too.”
Red Reading Hub

“It challenged my assumptions and made me laugh out loud. It is rare that I’m not able to guess the ending and I loved this!”
Madge Eekal Reviews

“A story of family loyalty and friendship with a fantastic twist that will never fail to make you smile.”
My Book Corner