Dinosaur Facts

I love factoids and I will be posting many of them on my site. To kick things off, here are 10 delicious dinosaur ones…

  1. The word Dinosaur comes from Greek and means ‘Terrible Lizard’.
  2. Even though many dinosaurs were really, reaaaally big (Argentinosaurus being the biggest ever found) none of them were as big as the Blue Whale, which is still alive today and thought to be the biggest animal that ever lived.
  3. Modern day birds, yes birds, are not only related to dinosaurs but are considered by most scientists to be actual dinosaurs. They are referred to as avian dinosaurs.
  4. Dinosaurs lived everywhere on Earth, even Antarctica (although it was less freezing back then).
  5. The large plate on the back of a Triceratops’ head is called a frill and is actually part of its skull.
  6. Dinosaurs laid eggs, but this fact wasn’t realised until 1923. Egg discoveries had been documented almost 70 years earlier but they were mistaken for giant bird eggs.
  7. Many dinosaurs would swallow rocks, which stayed in their stomachs and helped them grind up their food.
  8. In the film ‘Jurassic Park’ only two of the featured dinosaurs (Brachiosaurus and Dilophosaurus) were actually from that period.
  9. A person who studies dinosaurs is known as a palaeontologist.
  10. Like most other cool jobs, at some point during his childhood John wanted to be a palaeontologist.